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Care Radar

Why is choosing the right care so important?

When you or someone close to you needs extra support, choosing the right care provider is the most important decision you can make, it has the potential to vastly improve the quality of life for the care receiver and those close to them.

Care Radar

Why should it be so difficult to find what services are available?

We cover private care providers, charities, community organisations and public services and make it easier for you to search, compare, enquire with and even monitor the performance of care providers.

Together, we can make a difference.

Care Radar

Care Providers

Claim your profile to present your services and staff to the world:

  • Receive digital enquiries from individuals and public sector
  • Simplify your digital activities with an easy to manage profile
  • Provide exceptional customer service
Care Radar

Charity, Voluntary, Schools and Community Organisations

If you offer free services to support your community we think you should be able to tell the people in your community about it more easily!

  • Simple sign up
  • Free of charge in most cases
  • Enjoy the same tools as paid accounts
Care Radar

Public Sector

We help you spend less time on the phone to care providers and more time providing world class care:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Mass location of available care resources
  • Cost and quality optimisation for patient placement
  • Involve family members in the care decision